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Step into a world of peace and wellness with Sofia Goula’s yoga classes in Athens. Sofia offers a variety of yoga styles including Hatha, Ashtanga (1st series), and Vinyasa, catering to both beginners and experienced yogis. These yoga sessions are designed to help you develop strength, flexibility, and balance while promoting a sense of inner peace and mindfulness.

Sofia’s understanding of body mechanics and movement, gained from her physiotherapy background, informs her yoga teaching, ensuring a safe and beneficial practice for every student. Her sessions focus not only on the physical postures but also on the breath, helping students to cultivate a holistic yoga practice that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit.

Extra Services

In addition to group yoga classes, Sofia also provides personalized yoga therapy sessions. These classes are tailored to your specific needs and conditions, making them ideal for those recovering from injuries or dealing with chronic pain. Sofia’s expertise as a physiotherapist allows her to adapt and modify postures to accommodate each individual’s unique requirements, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the benefits of yoga regardless of physical limitations.


Meet Sofia Goula, your dedicated yoga teacher and licensed physiotherapist. Sofia combines her dual expertise in yoga and physiotherapy to provide an integrative approach to wellness.

As the owner of a physiotherapy clinic, Sofia has a comprehensive understanding of human anatomy and body mechanics. This knowledge, paired with her yoga training, allows her to guide her students through their practice safely and effectively. Sofia’s warm and supportive teaching style creates a welcoming environment for students of all levels.

Join Sofia Goula for a yoga session today and embark on a journey towards physical health and inner peace. Let her guide you through a practice that nurtures your body, calms your mind, and uplifts your spirit.


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